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If I Was An Angel Teclado

Matraca Berg

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If I Was An Angel

	      C           F  
They say I latched onto you 
                  C                  G 
Like you was the last train leaving town 
     C                 F 
But you just kept on moving boy 
Left me here to live you down 
F                G              C              F 
Mama said she'd send a wire and cried on the phone 
             C             F 
Said you'll always be my angel girl 
Won't you come back home 

C G F C If was an angel, I'd fly over Jordan C G F G Wouldn't need no Greyhound to save my soul C F C F Maybe that's a good thing, I'll be home before I know C F G C 'Cause if I was an angel, I'd have a long way to go
Got a job as a waitress In this God forsaken place Guess there's no choosing where you land When you fall grace I'm not sure what keeps me here, my shame or my fool pride Neither one can give me wings Or offer me a ride Chorus F G F C C F Oh, tonight I'll be dreaming of the cracks in the sidewalk C F C F G F The face through the window, back to the place I belong G F Ooh Chorus F C F C G Well maybe that's a good thing, I'll be home before I know C F G C And I was an angel, I'd have a long to way go C F G C Note: There are a couple places where this sounds different from the background on the CD, if you are playing along with it, but perfectly fine if you are singing alone with your guitar.

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