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Ulysses Teclado

Mason Jennings



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Em           G                 D           G 
I went in to twelve bookstores looking for Ulysses 
Em                   G              D                  G 
Motherwell led me to believe all my questions would be answered 
Em            G    D              G 
Now I have it here sitting on the table 
Em      G            D      G 
Another word for the universe 


Em                    G               D           G 
Loose green tea and a bonsai tree, an underground apartment 
Em                   G               D               G 
Check my e-mail and wash my clothes while my rice is cooking 
Em       G       D                  G 
Oh Jesus Christ, how I hate making phonecalls 
Em   G       D     G 
So I lead a lonely life 

Em-G-D-G (2x) 

Em                 G            D             G 
A waterfall from a higher place told me all about you 
Em                 G          D              G 
The funeral of the man I was told me not to doubt you 
Em               G            D                   G 
Oh what we could do with your dress up round your shoulders 
Em        G            D     G 
We could leave all our fear behind 

Em-G-D-G (4x) 

Em                G           D              G 
I went in to the liquor store looking for a bottle 
Em             G               D            G 
Of my favorite bombay gin, the answer to my problems 
Em         G          D                G 
But to my delight the bottles were all taken 
Em  G            D      G 
Ah yeah, another hero's night 

Em-G-D-G (4x) 

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