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Speak Low Teclado

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Speak Low

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Speak low 
C9                        Gm9 
When you speak love 
C9                   Gm9 
Our summer day 
C9             Gm9 
Withers away 
C7    F6            D7 
Too soon, too soon 

Speak low 
Eb9                     Bbmsus9 
When you speak love 
      Eb9              G9 
Our moment is swift 
Like ships adrift, 
       C7(b9)     F6 
Were swept apart 
    D7  Gm7 
Too soon 

C7        Gm9 
Speak low 
 C9                Gm9 
Darling speak low 
  C9           Gm9 
Love is a spark 
  C9          Gm9 
Lost in the dark 
C9       F6         D7 
Too soon, too soon 

Bbm sus9 
I feel 
   Eb9         Bm sus9 
Wherever I go 
           Eb9            G9 
That tomorrow is here 
Tomorrow is near 
     C7(b9)        F 
And always too soon 

Time is so old 
And love's so brief  
Love is pure gold  
      Fdim  E7  
And time a thief. 
C       Gm9 
We're late, 
C9                 Gm9 
Darling we're late 
          C9       Gm9 
The curtain descends, 
 C9              Gm9 
Everything ends 
  C7    F6          D7 
Too soon, too soon 
  Bbm sus9 
I wait, 
Bbm6      F 
Darling I wait 
        Bb    D7      G9      
When you speak low to me, 
      C9                    F                D7 
Speak love to me and soon. 
      Gm9             C              F 
...................... Speak       soon 

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