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All Of My Life Teclado

Marco Sison



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All Of My Life

Bb Dm Gm  
Eb Dm Eb Cm F7 pause 

Once in my life 
         Dm            Gm 
I never had a day so bright 
You caught my eyes 
        F                 Bb  F7 
I was breathless as you smiled 
Then came and true 
            Dm            G7 
It was your love we face again 
I didn't catch your name 
       F                Bb  Bb Am  
But I knew I loved you then 

Fm7     Bb 
Now it seems our paths  
Have crossed once more 
Dm7                    G7 
Can't believe you're mine  
You're just a dream before 
Fm7           Bb 
This time I know  
                Gm           Gm7 
You're not just passing thru 
               C           C7 
And you would linger on forever 
            G#       F7 
As I'll be loving you 

Bb All of my life Am7 D7 I'll give you all of life Gm I need you here for the best Gm7 Fm7 Bb7 And for the rest of my time Eb F Your love will keep the sun D7 Gm Forever shining through Cm F Bb Eb F Now that all of my life is you Bb Give me your hand Dm Gm And let me feel your warmth again Eb What has made us one F Bb F7 Has made me understand Bb That once in my life Dm G7 Everything has turned out bright Cm I could not ask for more F Bb With you I'm most secure
(Repeat Refrain) (Repeat Chorus except last line) Cm Now that all of my life Eb F Bb All of my life is you (All of my life) Dm Gm Eb Dm Eb F7 Bb (I never had a day so bright)

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