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The Doorman Teclado

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The Doorman

(Andrew Marlin)

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G - C - G - C 
Am - Em - C - Am  

C - G - Em - D - C 
C - G - Em - D 

Interlude: ' 

There's no time this side of Jordan 
There's no light that I can see 
I went down to meet the doorman 
Figured I'd just have a peek 

Happiness is wanderin'  
Lay inside and stay 
Curled up in a corner 
Locked in a blank stare 

Oh where are my friends' 
The doorman cries 
I held out my hand 
That's all I remember 

There's no time this side of Jordan 
Sing the sad old song 
Swing me round just like a rag doll 
In a child's arms 

Now don't be un-kind 
The doorman cried 
His hand held to mine 
That's all - I remember 

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