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Paradise Teclado




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Áño: 2000 - Álbum: Music

Tono:  Am Más
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	  Am Dm Dm Am  
I can't remember when I was young, I can't explain If it was wrong  
My life goes on but not the same, into your eyes my face remains  
I've been so high I've been so down, up to the skies down to the ground  
I was so blind I could not see, your paradise is not for me  
Autour de moi je ne vois pas, qui sont les anges surement pas moi  
Encore une fois je suis cassée, encore une fois je n'y crois pas  
I've been so high, I've been so down  
Up to the skies, down to the ground  
There is a light above my head, into your eyes my face remains  
I can't remember when I was young, into your eyes my face remains  


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