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Run River Run Teclado

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Run River Run

	  G    Dm    C    Am7    D7 

G                                C 
If you've been thinkin' you were all that you've got 
      D                   G     D7 
then don't feel alone anymore. 
        G                        C 
'Cause when we're together then you've got a lot 
       D7                             G       G7 
'cause I am the river and you are the shore. 

C D G D Csus2 G And it goes on and on, watching the river run C C/B Am7 D further and further from things that we've done, G G7 leaving them one by one. C D G Dm E7 And we have just begun watching the river run, Am7 C D G listening and learning and yearning to run river run.
Dm C Am7 D7 G C D G D7 Winding and swirling and dancing along, we passed by the old willow tree G C where lovers caress as we sing them our song, D7 G G7 rejoicing together when we greet the sea Repeat Chorus X 2 Outro Dm C Am7 D G

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