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Dying Crab Teclado




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Dying Crab

(lefevre e blanchard)

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F#m       C#m               Bm        C#m       até o refrão 

 I killed the man because he would kill me 

 his face appears in all my dreams 

 and today I m here in this cell 

 they think that I m going to hell 

 G            D 
 by my own means 

 so I can t eat with a fork 
 A                                     B    D 
 they cut my meat thinking ´bout my flesh 

 Verso de novo 

 and when I m dead they gonna throw a bash 

 put my clothes and take my girlfriend out 

 and today I m down and out 

 in this cell like it was my shell 

 G                  D 
 and I´m the dying crab 
 So I can´t eat with a fork 
 A                                    B  D   F#m  A 
 They cut my meat thinking ´bout my flesh 
 B           D    E        F#m     A 
 a dying crab      dying crab     dying crab 

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