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The Preacher Won't Have To Lie Teclado

Lee Ann Womack

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The Preacher Won't Have To Lie

	  D                      Cadd9 
I used to believe what money could bring 
Was worth more than anything else 
    D                     Cadd9  
But all that changed when I had a dream 
And I got a good look at myself 
  D                           Cadd9  
I stood face to face with the ghost of my past 
And the spirit what was to come 
    D                       Cadd9 
And they made it clear that one day I'd have  
To answer for what I had done 
Em                   A 
And I saw what I'd become 
D D/C# C G The choices you make, the chances you take D Cadd9 G They'll follow you all of your life D D/C# C I'm just tryin' to live so when I die G D The preacher won't have to lie
I ain't no prophet and I ain't no saint And I ain't made no great sacrifice I just keep tryin' to carry my weight I keep trying to do what is right And it's hard to do right sometimes Chorus Chorus Oh, the preacher won't have to lie

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