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The Last Time Teclado

Lee Ann Womack


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The Last Time

Like an old abandoned Ferris wheel 
Time for me is standin? still 
And it's you and me in mid July 
underneath the midway lights 
And all our friends are standin there 
so I was actin like i didn't care 
when you put your arms around my neck 
and i barely even kissed you back 
D But if I?d have known it was the last time Em I'd have held on a little longer G And let that moment linger G/F# A And never let your fingers slip away from mine D If I?d known there'd never be another day Em I'd have watched you as you walked away G And kept you in my eyes G/F# Em Till you were out of sight if I A D If I?d have known it was the last time
Now the midway lights have all shut down And the grass has grown up all around And it's an empty field across the tracks But I can't keep from comin back It was just another summer night A carousel and a coaster ride And that silly fight that we got in Didn't seem so important then Chorus Chorus 2: And if I?d have known then what I know now I'd never let you disappear into the crowd Or turn away the way I did with so much left unsaid if I If I?d have known it was the last time

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