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Who Will Watch The Home Place Teclado

Laurie Lewis


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Who Will Watch The Home Place

	  Who Will Watch The Home Place (Laurie Lewis)  G C D Am 
Please let me know if this need correcting. 
(G)Leaves are falling and turning to (C)showers of gold 
(G)As the postman climbs up our long (D)hill 
(G)And there's sympathy written all over his (C)face 
(Am)As he hands (C) me a couple more (D)bills 
   (G)Who will watch the home place 
   (C)Who will tend my hearts dear space 
   (G)Who will fill my empty place 
   (Am)When I am (D)gone from (G)here 
There's a lovely green nook by a clear-running stream 
It was my place when I was quite small 
And it's creatures and sounds could soothe my worst pains 
But today they don't ease me at all 
In my grandfather's shed there are hundreds of tools 
I know them by feel and by name 
And like parts of my body they've patched this old place 
When I move them they won't be the same 
Now I wander around touching each blessed thing 
The chimney the tables the trees 
And my memories swirl 'round me like birds on the wing 
When I leave here oh who will I be 

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