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Montauk Monster Teclado

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Montauk Monster

	  Took me a lot of time to tab this, I hope you enjoy. 

Laura Stevenson And The Cans - "Montauk Monster" 


            G / Gm            G / Gm     
I will be a bird, I will be a monster, 

             C / C7            G / Gm     
Sleeping on a perch underneath an overpass. 

                 Em   C     C7     C 
Passers-by will pour their eyes out, 

Em      C            C7         C 
Pull at my heart and beg me to move, 

Em    C            C7          C7          (like Intro) 
but I do what I'm told and you can not pass through. 

verse 2 

Gm          G                    G 
I will be a train, you will be a stow away, 

                 C             G  Gm     
Creeping down below my steaming locomtive. 

              Em     C       C7        C7 
And while we pour through a series of tunnels, 

      Em   C  C7      C7 
I'll pour my boiling water 

      Em   C   C7   C7             G 
And scald raw every inch of your skin. 

this part is also fingerpicked, can't be bothered to tab exactly 

And what a spectacle, 

    C             Em            C     G 
To see you all unraveled and exposed. 

Well you got too close, 

  C           Em               C 
those hangers-on were bound to burn. 
       Cm                     E             C         G    Gm     
It was only your turn, I warned you, I said, "Who goes there?" 

Em   C         G     Gm     
    Who goes there? 

Em C Gm     


normal chords 

I will be a star, a very bright and shining star, 

                 C                                G 
and I'll have a neutral charge and packed packed particles. 

Em  C                 C7 
So whenever where you are, 

Em             C                   C7 
Unless you're fast as hell and you move with me, 

Em             C                 C7                                G 
You'll see a spectral shift the likes of which that you have never seen. 

And what a spectacle, 

    C             Em       G          C    G 
To see me folding in on myself, I implode. 

Well you got too close, 

C              Em        G            C 
That field of force, of course you'll explode. 

             Cm             Em             C        G 
You will explode, I warned you, I said, "Who goes there?" 

Em  C   G (many times) 

(also sometimes Em C G Gm     during the solo) 

End with: Em   C   C7 


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