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Lead Me Not Teclado

Lari White

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Lead Me Not

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	          C                G    F      C 
Well, I should have been home hours ago  
  C                        G  
I always lose track of the time  
          C            G            F        C  
I'll just hold up this wall while I try to recall  
   D                          G 
A thought from the back of my mind  
   C        G            F          C  
Oh yeah I remember, it began with a wink  
     C                        G 
When you caught me looking at you  
         F      G          C        F 
So don't ask me if you can buy me a drink  
  C         G                C 
I know what you're trying to do  
C Bb F Lead me not into tempta-tion C G I already know the road all too well C Bb F Lead me not into tempta-tion C G C I can find it all by myself
I've the best of intentions, Lord, I mean to be good And stick to the path I should go But seems the harder I try, the further I slide 'Til I'm lost down that same dead end road Now you're a good lookin' thing, and that must be the best Proposition that I've had all day But there's no need for subtlety, darlin', just get thee Behind me and I'll show you the way Chorus

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