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Love Story

( Lagwagon)

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C5             B/C            Am 
Maybe it's not funny but it's true 
G5                          F 
No one here's surprised but you 
  C5              B/C               Am 
Embellish it, the truth is you're a slave 
G5                           F 
Addicted to it's escalating      and your love 

C5 Story's B/C G5 F G5 Bad drama makes you livid and the nervous always laugh C5 B/C I'm fresh out of advice Am G5 F And sick of standing in this harms way
C5 B/C Am Interstate in debate an impasse G5 F Driving out the hope and gas C5 B/C Am Arriving at the same mute conclusion G5 F This destination failure this is going, going
C5 B/C G5 F G5 Nowhere, slow, drama is exhausting and I'd rather be alone C5 B/C I want better friends G5 I'm sick of giving into harms way, and so are they
Intro: Ponte: Am F C G5 Sick of being around something that's destined to fail Am F G5 And the sum of its parts can not see, they make me A5 D5 Hate life, A5 D5 Hate friends, A5 D5 Hate being there... C5 B/C Am I know that it's not funny but it's true G5 F No one gives a shit but you C5 B/C Am Maybe i'll just swallow all these thoughts G5 F Maybe someday you'll stop

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