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Love Teclado

Kid Cudi



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     E              B   C#m 
I am happy to be alive 
               A                 E                          B    C#m 
Cause I know I could not be in a place that's filled with lies 
               A                   E                        B   C#m 
Can't stand no quiet nights, why I fill up my glass with pride 
           A                 E                      B  
Hopeful is all I know how to keep me from silent cries 
Nothing I can say 
A                          E    B 
Facing all this pain in my way 
                 C#m    A 
I fight it every day 
              E     B 
Why am I this way? 
                  C#m    A 
A nigga tryna maintain 
                          E     B 
I sit and tell my self, "okay" 
                      C#m    A 
We gotta find another way 
                       E     B 
You gotta find another way 
                       C#m    A 
You gotta find another way 

E                     B         
Don't be so down, c'mon young homie 
C#m                       A 
You'll be okay, you'll find real love 
E                         B 
All of the stories, the hero gets lonely 
C#m                       A 
Now is the time to show what you're made of 

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