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I'm Trying Teclado

Kevin Sharp

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I'm Trying

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(C) (D) (C) (D) 
She said (G) I'm not pointing fingers 
(D/F#) He said yes you are 
Cause you (Em7) wouldn't bring it (D) up if you (C) weren't 
If I (G) told you I'd been walking 
Out (D/F#) in the dark night thinking 
Would you (Em7) take as truth this (D) alcoholic's (C) word 
(D) I can't change what's done is done 
But I can tell you this 
Not a (Em7) day goes by that (D) I 
Don't curse my(C)self and all my sins 
And I (G) need you to hold on to 
While this (D) part of me is dying 
And though I (Em7) haven't kicked the (D) demons 
That (C) haunt me, I'm (Bm) try(C)ing (G) (D) 
I'm (C) try(G)ing 
She (G) sat down on the floor 
And said I (D/F#) wish I was stronger 
Right (Em7) now I feel as (D) fragile as (C) glass 
I (G) want to believe you 
Believe what's (D/F#)held you has freed you 
And I (Em7) hate these doubts that (D) keep on coming (C) back 
My (D) parent's think I'm crazy 
For staying here this long 
But there's (Em7) nothing more I (D) want for us 
Than to (C) prove to them they're wrong 
I don't (G) want to be afraid 
I don't (D) want to think you're lying 
And though I (Em7) haven't found the (D) faith 
That I (C) need, I'm (Bm) try(C)ing (G) (D) 
I'm (C) try(G)ing 
He (C) asked do (D) you (C) want me (D) to (Em7) leave 
Cause if you (C) do you know I (D) will 
But she (C) said much (D) to (C) his dis(D)be(Em7)lief 
(C) Nooo I (D) love you still 
He said I (G) don't know why I've been the fool 
But (D/F#) I can tell you this 
Not a (Em7) day goes by that (D) I 
Don't curse my(C)self and all my sins 
Then he (G) dropped down to his knees 
By (D) now they both were crying 
He said I (Em7) haven't been the (D) man 
I want to (C) be, but I'm (Bm) try(C)ing (G) (D) 
I'm (C) try(G)ing 
I'm (Bm) try(C)ing (G) (D) 
Oh I'm (C) try(G)ing 

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