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If I Can't Have You Teclado

Kelly Clarkson

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If I Can't Have You

	  Intro: E5 G5 C5 B5 x3  
       A5 D5  x2 

E5     G5         C5               B5 
Hearts break too fast when they're sentimental  
E5     G5        C5             B5 
Won't stay won't last when it's love at first sight  
E5 G5      C5  B5         A5              D5 
So why are my convictions blinded by your spotlight  
E5    G5            C5              B5 
Can't breathe can't sleep with some medication  
E5   G5       C5        B5 
I'll kiss goodbye to my reservations  
E5 G5          C5     B5      A5 
I know there's other fish out in the sea  
Not for me I want you  

E5   G5         C5   B5               E5      G5           C5 B5 
If I can't have you then I don't want anyone, I don't want anyone 
E5   G5         C5   B5           A5             D5 
If I can't have you then all the damage has been done baby  
E5      G5          C5  B5             E5             G5        C5        B5 
You can break these rules if you wanna have some fun, you wanna have some fun  
E5       G5      C5        B5       A5     D5 
Think of all the love that you will lose if I can't have you  

Heartbeat cold sweat thoughts slipping under  
Can't fight no threat cause there's just no use  
One look, no hesitation  
I'm slipping into you  

Forgive these eyes these lips you're tasting  
No time to waste on an invitation  
My shame my self control has suffered enough  
Everybody wants to be loved  

E5 G5 C5 B5 x2 

E5        D5                 A5              G5 
I haven't seen the best that love has had to offer  
E5          D5               A5               C5 
They say perfection's always right around the corner  

Could be true  

But if I can't have you...  

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