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Sweet Love Teclado

Kate Wolf



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Sweet Love

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Intro: G  D  C  (2x)  G 
                    D            C             G 
Sweet love, don't deny me just a hand to hold 
                 D              C   
I may not always be the one who sees 
  G           Em           C            ~  Am 
I find myself blinded from time to time 
Reaching out for someone who can take the lead 
    C          Bm        Am       G    C 
And in my weariness I've tried to cry 
                     Em              A        C  Em  A 
Although my eyes are dry, I've cried inside 

G                  D            C         G 
Sweet love, let me lay myself beside you 
                   D                 C      G 
And listen to your breathing â??til it slows 
               Em                C        ~  Am 
Long enough to dream a vision of my life 
Wrapped up in the gentle wind that blows 
  C           Bm         Am    G   C 
A vision of a life lived long ago 
          Em                    A  
I see it, though the lights are low 

Instrumental: A  G  D  C  G  D  C   G  Em  C  ~  Am  D   

G           D                    C     G 
Sweet love, like the leaves that fall 
              D              C     G 
The scenes go drifting by my eyes 
        Em     C            ~  Am 
And I remember holding you 
Telling you that it would be alright 
             C                     Bm        Am   G    C 
You know the road looked straight ahead from far away 
                     Em              A                       C  Em  A 
But it turned into a blind curve and I've lost my way today 

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