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Jenny Wind Teclado

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Jenny Wind

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th Fret 

    Am                           Em  
Her father was a man who knew no fences 
    Am                        Em  
Her mother was a woman of the trail 
    Am             Em         F 
But Jenny Wind was born into a new world 
G7                 C 
When the white man came 

Am                   Em  
Jenny was taught the old ways 
        Am                            Em  
And she learned to speak her father's tongue 
         F                        C 
When she died, she was one of the last ones 
        G7                   C 
And the earth covered up her bones 

Am                    Em  
Jenny Wind was born a wild thing 
  Am                       Em  
A sister to coyote and the sun 
         Am         Em       F 
But they gave her a dress of calico 
         G7              C 
And they named her Jenny Wind 

        Am                              Em  
But the white man's ways, they followed her 
        Am                             Em  
She was buried 'neath a marker made of stone 
           F                     C 
And on her grave they carved her pretty name 
G7             F7            C 
"Here lies the Indian, Jenny Wind" 

F                G7         C 
But they say her soul flies free 
F              G7            C 
Caring for the weary and the lost 
Am                     F 
In the forest deep and quiet 
     G7                       C 
All around the grave of Jenny Wind 

Am                      Em  
I met Jenny on a summer night 
Am                    Em  
Walking in the Placer County 
  Am              Em           F 
I stumbled on her grave in the forest there 
G7               C 
So all alone and still 

  Am                           Em  
I wondered if she cared that I found her 
Am                   Em  
Lying so hidden and alone 
  F                                C 
I wondered who she was before they named her 
     G7            C 
"The Indian, Jenny Wind" 

    Am                   Em  
The silence grew till it touched me 
    Am                              Em  
And held me like the words upon the stone 
    Am            Em          F 
And for the first time I was afraid 
G7                      C 
I would not find my way home 

  Am                             Em  
I ran from her as the night grew darker 
  Am                              Em  
I dropped my glasses and I took a fall 
         F                C 
Lost and blind, somehow I found them 
      G7                     C 
Lying folded on her grave so small 

      F                G7         C 
And I believe that her soul flies free 
       F             G7            C 
And it cares for the weary and the lost 
Am                     F 
In the forest deep and quiet 
     G7                       C 
All around the grave of Jenny Wind 

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