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Friend Of Mine Teclado

Kate Wolf



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Friend Of Mine

	  CAPO: 5th Fret 

Intro: D   G A D   G D A    

N.G.      D                     G 
Friend of Mine I can't undo the wrong 
             Em                      A                A7 
I could have given so much more than just these crazy songs 
  D                              G 
I walked down by the river and I thought of you today 
    Em                              A7               D    D7 
You always seemed to understand the words I couldn't say 

    G                B7            C            Cm 
But when we'd sing together, those country harmonies 
  G             Em                    C   D7      G      D   G D A 
I never heard a sweeter voice come so easy and so free 

N.G.      D                         G 
Friend of Mine at times you were so wise 
         Em                                A              A7 
With the sweet ways of a playful child and sorrow in your eyes 
D                            G 
You came riding through, but your heart made you stay 
        Em                           A7                D    D7 
I could use some of your honesty now that you've gone away 

G               B7        C                 Cm 
I can feel your footsteps walking here with me 
  G             Em                    C   D7      G     
I never heard a sweeter voice come so easy and so free 

Instrumental:  C  E7  F  Fm  C G Am   F C  D G D 

N.G.      D                  G 
Friend of Mine singing to me now 
  Em                       A                 A7 
I wanted to say I cared, I didn't quite know how 
    D                                     G 
And driving on these dusty roads where we spent so many days 
     Em                                A7           D    D7 
Your songs wrap close around me like a heavy summer haze 

    G            B7              C              Cm 
The coast of California holds me like your melodies 
  G             Em                    C   D7      G   D Em   C   G  
I never heard a sweeter voice come so easy and so free 

OUTRO: G   D  G D A   D 

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