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Lift Me Up Teclado

Kate Voegele



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Lift Me Up

(Kate Voegele)

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	  Intro: C F C F C Am7 G 

C         F                   C 
This road is anything but simple 
F          C            Am7                            G 
Twisted like a riddle I've seen high and I've seen low 
C                  F                                 C 
So loud, the voices of all my doubts 
F                        C                    Am7                   G 
Telling me to give up, to pack up and leave town 
F                              G 
Even so, I had to believe 
F                                              G 
Impossible means nothing to me, yeah 

                  F     G   C 
So can you lift me up, 
                F                G 
Turn the ashes into flames 
                     F     G     C 
‘Cause I have overcome 
          F                               G 
More than words will ever say 
                         F    G    Am 
And I've been given hope 
                       F                       G 
That there's a light on up the hall 
And that a day will come 
When the fight is won 
         F                           G        C 
And I think that day has just begun 

(  C   C/E   C/F   C/G  C  ) 

C                        F 
Somewhere, everybody starts there 
         F                      C 
I'm counting on a small prayer, 
Am7                      G 
Lost in a nightmare 
             C                      F                 C 
But I'm here, and suddenly it's so clear 
       F                                   C 
The struggle through the long years 
                        Am7                G 
It taught me to outrun my fears 
         F                         G 
Everything worth having, oh 
         F                                 G 
Comes with trials worth withstanding 

C Oh, lift me up C Oh, lift me up C G Oh, lift me up C Lift me up C Lift me up C G Oh, Lift me up
F G Down and out is overrated F G And I need to be elevated F G Looking up is not enough F G No, I would rather rise above C F G

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