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Walking Song Teclado

Kate & Anna McGarrigle



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Walking Song

Intro: G 

verse 1 
                       D7     G 
Wouldn’t it be nice to walk together 
                       C               D7 
Baring our souls while wearing out the leather 
G                   C           G 
We could talk shop, harmonize a song 
C              G       D7    G 
Wouldn’t it be nice to walk along 

verse 2   
                        D7              G 
I’ll show you houses of architectural renown 
                         C                D7 
Some are still standing, some have fallen down 
G                        C        G 
Farm houses buried under Canada’s snow 
C       G             D7                G 
Spanish villas on the Boulevards of Mexico 

verse 3 
                           D7           G 
And I’ll learn to tell the ash from the oak 
                         C             D7 
And if you don’t know, I won’t make no joke 
      G                            C           G 
We’ll climb to the top to view the world from above 
   C                  G                  D7           G 
Or carve our initials in the trunk, like teenagers in love 

verse 4 
                              D7      G 
And when we get hungry, we’ll stop to eat 
                                C        D7 
Gotta think of our stomachs and rest our feet 
    G                        C               G 
And if we get thirsty, we’ll have a drink or two 
     C            G          D7           G 
In a mountain top bar with a mountain top view 

G   D7  G    C  D7  G    C  G  C  G  D7  G 

Verse 5 
                             D7      G 
And when we get tired, we’ll stop to rest 
                                       C         D7 
And if you still want to talk, you can bare your breast 
        G                             C             G 
If it’s Winter and cold, we’ll take a rooming-house room 
        C          G                 D7        G 
If it’s Summer and warm, we’ll sleep under the moon 

Verse 6 
                         D7        G 
And we’ll talk about the sports we played 
                                      C           D7 
‘Bout the time you got busted, or the times I got laid 
      G              C           G 
We’ll talk blood and how we were bred 
C              G           D7         G 
Talk about the folks, both living and dead 

Verse 7 
                             D7           G 
This song, like this walk, I find hard to end 
               C     D7 
Be my lover or be my friend 
   G                    C          G 
In sneakers or boots or regulation shoes 
C         G                    D7              G 
Walking beside you, I’ll never get the walking blues 

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