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Ether Teclado




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Intro: Gm F Bb C Ebmaj7 F   Bb 

Gm                             F 
When it feels like you’ve been cancelled 
Bb                            C 
Like someone took your breath away 
Ebmaj7             F 
To replace it with ether 
Bb                 Am           C 
And you stagger in headwind all day 
Gm                  F 
It’s too easy to go crazy 
Bb                      C 
Way much harder to stay clear 
Ebmaj7                F 
Tough you’re pleading (come save me) 
Bb        Am            C 
No one or nothing comes near 

Dm  A#maj7               Dm     A#maj7  G5 
      refrigerate your fire 

Gm                         F 
The grim faces that you’re passing 
Bb                        C 
In your freefall from the ground 
Ebmaj7                   F 
Won’t remember, won’t be asking 
Bb                Am       C 
And they won’t be making a sound 

Ebmaj7    Dm 
Hold your soldiers 
    C                Ebmaj7 
And keep them in the woods 
           Bb    Am      C 
Until it’s over, it will be 
Ebmaj7       Dm 
Wait see the sun sets 
    C                Ebmaj7 
And morning puts you back 
     Bb     Am            C 
Into place      the right place 

Dm     Gm                      Dm 
              refrigerate your fire 

A#maj7        C      Gm 

Dm   A#maj7   C

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