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Tidal Wave Teclado




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Tidal Wave

Tono:  Em Más
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INTRO Em-C-D-G (2X) 

verse 1 
      Em                                 C 
When dreams can't wait a flood of fate 
       G                                  D 
Is breaking over all that we know 
      Em                              C 
I know a place to go escape 
      G                                 D 
But lately I get lost on the road 

     Em                                   C 
And I don't really know just how to say it 
      G                                      D 
We speak all day and never talk 
      Em                                     C 
Cause you and me were never complicated 
      G                                       D 
So how'd we end up on the rocks? 

Em C The tidal wave is forcing us G To swim at a distance D Em So our love is washing away C G With all the push and pull we're caught up in D Em Can we brave the tidal wave? Em Oh oh oh oh can we brave C Oh oh oh oh the tidal wave? G Oh oh oh oh can we brave D Oh oh oh oh the tidal wave?
verse 2 Em C I throw a line and every time G D I'm freaking out and sinking inside Em C I hope we find a ground that's high G D Just know my love will never subside Pre-Chorus Chorus (2X) End on Em

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