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Lord Over All Teclado

Kari Jobe



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Lord Over All


G    A    G    A 

verse 1 2x 
In the valley of the unknown  
Bm             A 
I will lift my voice  
In the shifting, in the shadow  
Bm             A 
I know You are with me  

G    Bm    A 

G D Lord over all Bm You will be my rescue A You will never fail G D Lord, through it all Bm I will choose to trust You A You will never fail
verse 2 G In the searching and the waiting Bm A You quiet my soul G In the stillness of Your presence Bm A I know You are with me Chorus 2x Bridge 2x G Bm Out of this darkness A Bm Into Your promise G Bm A D/F# You will deliver me G Bm Eternal Savior A Bm You stand forever G Bm A You are my victory Chorus 2x Ending 8x G You will never fail D You will never fail Bm You will never fail A You will never fail

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