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First Of May Teclado

Jonathan Coulton



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First Of May

Intro: G C  

I woke up this morning 
        C                       G 
I had a scone and a large house blend 
    C             Cmaj7  Am             C                     D 
And then a little conver-sation with my squirrel and chipmunk friends 
I said I’m sick and tired of winter 
      C                G 
And I wish that it was spring 
C                 Cmaj7        Am               
And then a little fellow named Robin Redbreast 
C           D     EbDim (xx1212) 
 Began to sing 

And he sang 
Em                                        Am 
 Ooh ooh child, what’d you think the cold winter’s gonna last forever 
Em                                         C             D 
 Ooh ooh child, now’s the time for all the people to get together 
   C9 (x32333) 

G Cause it’s the first of May, first of May C G Outdoor fucking starts today D So bring your favorite lady C C/B C/A G G7 (x23033) Or at least your favorite lay C G The water’s not cold baby dip in your big toe D G Maybe I’ll see you in flagrante delicto C C Grass below you, sky above Am C6(x02010) C Cadd2 Celebrate spring with a crazy little thing called..
G C G C fucking outside G I thanked him for the information C G I cried a little when he flew away C Cmaj7 Am I watched an episode of The People’s Court C D And I tried to plan my day G I called up my old lady C G She wasn’t home so I called my girl C Cmaj7 Am I asked her if she’d like to join me as I C D Ebdim (xx1212) Entertain the world And I said Em Am Ooh ooh child, I’ll bring a blanket and I promise I will brush the ants off Em C Ooh ooh child, you’re gonna like it when we’re taking each other’s D pants off C9 (x32333) Outside (Refrão) G So we went to the park together C G We were walking in the midday sun C Cmaj7 Am C We met all kinds of people and we D We fucked everyone G We fucked a lady who sells ice cream C G We fucked a man with a tan Shar Pei C Cmaj7 Am C Everyone who needed fucking well they D Ebdim (xx1212) They got fucked today So come on Em Am Ooh ooh child, open your mind and your heart, feel-the-spirit moving through you Em C D Ooh ooh child, you’ll feel the warmth of the love when I stick it to you C9 (x32333) Outside (Refrão) Am C6(x02010) C Cadd2 Celebrate spring with a crazy little thing called.. G C/G G C/G C Cm G fucking outside, fucking outside, fucking outsi-i-i-i-i-ide

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