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My Shining Hour Teclado

Johnny Mercer



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My Shining Hour

(Johnny Mercer and Harold Arlen)

Intro: Verse 

D9            F#m 
  This moment,   this minute 
G9      D6/7/9  Em7 A7 
And each second in  it 
D9           Cdim           Em7   
Will leave a glow upon the sky 
G      G/F#      E   F#7  Bm7        Em7/9 A7/9-  D6 
And as time goes by,          it will never    die 
D   D9  Bm7     G   G/F#  A7  A7/13 
This will be my shining   hour 
D   D9   Bm7        G       A7 
Calm and happy and bright 
Bm7   Cdim          Em  C#m5-/7  E F#7 
In my  dreams, your face will  flower 
Bm           D       E        A    A5+ 
Through the darkness of the night 
 Am7       D        G6    Em9 
Like the lights of home before me 
Gm    Em5-/7   G7M      Em7 A7/9 
Or an  an gel watching o'er me 
D7M  F#m7      Bm Bm7/E  G    G/F# E7/9 E7 
     This will be my    shining    hour 
Em4/7         Gdim  A    D9 F#7 B7   
 'Til   I'm with you again 
D7M  F#m7      Bm Bm7/E  G    G/F# E7/9 E7 
     This will be my    shining    hour 
Em4/7         Gdim A7/9-   D6 D7M F#m7  Bm Bm7/E G Edim D6    
 'Til   I'm with  you again 

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