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Muskrat Ramble Teclado

Johnny Mercer



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Muskrat Ramble

(Ray Gilbert and Edward)

G           Em         D     D9 D    D7 
Shufflin', shufflin', shufflin'   down 
D   D9  D    D7  D7/9  D7   G      G6  G5   D 
Ramblin', scramblin,'    headin'    for town 
G                 Em              Bm   
Hustlin', bustlin', buzzin' around  
F#7                     Bm       D7 
Happily awaitin, at the station 
G            Em           D     D9   D D7 
Look at that train number sevenohnine 
         D                  D7                       G       
It's a huffin' and a puffin' and comin' on time 
E             E7               Am         A7    
Who do you think is about to arrive 
          G        E7       Am7        Cdim  G 
It's the band they call the Dixieland Five 
D7       Am7       D7   D7        Am7       D7    
Da,   da,   da,  da,   dum, da,   da,   da,   da,  dum 
D7             Am7 Cm5-/7  D7 
Da,  da,   da,   da,   da,   dum 
D      Am7  Cdim C   Bm5-/7  D9   Cdim  G9    G 
They're gonna    play that  muskrat    ramble    tune 
G   Am7   G   Cdim      D7        Gdim Cdim G6      G5+ 
You never    heard it played, join in   the big parade 
D Am7     Bm5-/7  C   Bm5-/7  D9 Cdim   G9    G         
Altogether now  one  and  two join that happy throng 
G       Am7    Bm5-/7  E7       Bm5-/7        Am7    Gdim 
Feel the beat of that ramblin', scramblin' muskrat song 
G           Am7      D7    G 
Come on and ramble along. 

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