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Change Partners Teclado

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Change Partners

(Irving Berlin)

Intro: F#m Cdim Em7 A7 

D6             Cdim 
Must you dance every dance  
Em7                     Gdim    A7 
With the same fortunate man 
         F#m         Cdim                 Em7   A7 
You have danced with him since the music began 
Em7   A7    G   Edim      A7   D6   Cdim  A7   A7/13- 
Won't you change partners and dance with me 
D6             Cdim 
Must you dance quite so close  
Em7                         Gdim   A7 
With your lips touching his face 
          F#m     Cdim                   Em7   A7 
Can't you see I'm longing to be in his place 
Em7   A7    G    Edim    A7 Gdim   D 
Won't you change part - ners and dance with me
G   G/F#   Em        B+      Am7                D7 
Ask him to sit this one out while you're alone 
G   G/F#       Em        B+            A7   Em7     D9    A7 
I'll tell the waiter to tell him he's wanted on the telephone 
D6                 B7 
You've been locked in his arms  
Em7                     Gdim   B7 
Ever since heaven-knows-when 
          F#m    Cdim           Em7   A7 
Won't you change partners and then 
        Em7   A7        G    Edim    A7 D 
You may never want to change partners again 

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