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You And Only You (ver.2) Teclado

John Berry

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You And Only You (ver.2)

	  (Intro)  E  B  F#m/G#m  A 
                C#m                                  A 
(1st Verse)  It sure is good to see ya girl, you're still the only one. 
        B                             G#m 
You're lookin' just as lovely, as the day our love was born. 
C#m                            A 
Baby you gave up on me just a little bit too soon. 
 B                       F# 
Left me here for lonely, howlin' at the moon. 
         E                        B                          F#m G#m 
(Chorus)  All I need is one more chance, to prove my love for you. 
I've tried my best, to live without you, 
 E                          B                  F#m G#m 
You hold the power in your hands, you and only you. 
     A                             E    A 
Can make these broken dreams come true. 
             C#m                              A 
(2nd Verse)  Asking your forgiveness, I know I'm the one to blame 
      B                                 G#m 
I've finally learned my lesson, love is more than just a game. 
   C#m                                    A 
So please don't try to tell me, a little time is all I need. 
        B                                       F# 
'Cause time he ain't no friend of mine 'till he brings you back to me, baby 
(Chorus)  (Lead)  E  B  C#m  F# 
B      F#m G#m    A                             E 
    Only you can make these broken dreams come true. 


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