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I Love You Teclado

Jerry Jeff Walker


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I Love You

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	              A          G                D 
I've been a fool, fool hearted stumbled once or twice 
A         G                 D 
You can't put me back on my feet  
A          G                     D 
Patching together all the busted pieces 
   Em              G                   A 
Of everything I've broken running from me 

G G/F# Em A D Whoa, I lo-o-o-ve you, yeah, I love you G G/F# Em A D Someday we're gonna travel far away G G/F# Em A D We're gonna roll all the way to La-Louisiana G G/F# Em A D Maybe we'll just roll around in bed all day
I'd like to give you every thing you'd ever want, love Diamond rings for every toe Dangling ear rings for your fingers Big sparkling rocks for your nose Chorus Been so long coming through to you Now it's nice resting by your side Seems like everything rolled in a nut shell We got it all right here in side Chorus Chorus Cause getting' out of bed just ruins my day Besides that's how I heard babies are made

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