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Whole Again Teclado

Jennifer Knapp



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Whole Again

Áño: 1998 - Álbum: Kansas

Tono:  Cm Más
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	    Cm7 F5/C Cm7 F5/C 
     Cm7                         F5 
         Daddy, daddy do you miss___ me. 
     Cm7                          F5 
       The way I crawled upon Your___knee. 
     Cm7                            F5 
       Those childish games of hide and seek 
            Gm                          F5 
        now    seem a million miles away. 
      Cm7                        F5 
         Am I lost in some illu  -  sion. 
     Cm7                             F5 
        Or am I what you thought I'd___be. 
             Cm7                  F5 
 Now it seems   I find myself in need to be forgiven. 
     Cm7                           F5 
       Is there still room upon that knee? 
  Chorus:    Bb     Eb         F      Bb 
        If I give my Life if I lay it down  
       can you turn this Life around, around 
          Bb     Eb             F    G        Eb 
    can I be made clean by this offering of my soul. 
           Can I be made whole again?  
       Cm7                            F5 
          Have I labored all for noth - ing.  
        Cm7                          F5 
           Trying to make it on   my   own.  
      Fear to  reach    out for the hand      
         of one who'd understand me; say, 
          Gm                           F5 
           I'd rather be here all alone.  
   Cm7                          F5 
    It's all my  fault I sit and wallow in seclusion. 
       Cm7                    F5         
           As if I had no hope at all,  
            I guess truth becomes you  
           I have seen it all in motion  
             Cm7                        F5 
         that Pride comes before a fall.  
       Cm7                   F5 
         Can I offer up this simple prayer. 
        Cm7                F5 
           Pray it finds a simple ear.  
       Cm7                 F5 
         A scratch in your infinite time.   
           Not withstanding my fallings  
            not withstanding my crime! 


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