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Say won't you say Teclado

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Say won't you say

Áño: 2003 - Álbum: The Collection

    Say won't You say   
G/B                           Am 
    Say that You love me   
                              F                   G     
    With love, ever, love, love everlasting?  
C9                        G/B                            Am     F    G 
    All my devotion    put into motion by You. 
    Every morning I 
G/B                              Am                       F    G  
    Have a chance to rise and give my all 
C9                                G/B                                Am   
    But every afternoon I find I have only wasted time 
         F                  G     
    In light of Your awe 
Dm                            F    
    Isn't love amazing,   I forgot how to speak 
Dm                                   F                G    
    Knowing You are near   and I am finally free. 
    My eyes fear to close 
G/B                             Am                         F    G    
    This reckless letting go is hard to bear 
C9                               G/B                                  Am  
    On the edge of all I need, still I cling to what I see 
               F               G    
    And what have I there? 
Dm                                   F 
    Bred my own disaster,   who have I to blame? 
Dm                              F              G 
    All I need is waiting    to be fanned to flame. 
Dm                                  G    
    As I open up my eyes     to see You standing there 
F                                        G    
    Oh I can barely breathe,    and I can hardly bear 
Am                        F    
    All the love that     I feel for You inside   
    I hope feel it now, some... Somehow.  


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