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Breath on Me Teclado

Jennifer Knapp



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Breath on Me

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	  Intro: Em7         , Dsus2          
No temptation's seized a man that he can't overcome 
Who am I to be fallen 
Crack Your back on a slab of wood, come freedom nail it down 
I come crawlin', I come crawlin' 
Bm A Come trickle down and save the world G Through hands that I can't see Bm A G Come breathe, Come breathe, Come breathe on me Bm A Split rib water, blood and bone G Come now, Come Calvary Bm A G Come breathe, Come breathe on me
Em7 Testimony come now quickly, whisper in my ear Dsus2 Celebration Em7 Peace at last not far away, empty sheet, a borrowed grave Dsus2 Salvation Em7 G Come freedom Come Em G Come freedom Come (repeat Chorus) E G Come freedom Come (4x)

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