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You Sent Her An Orchid Teclado

Jean Sheppard

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You Sent Her An Orchid

Recorded by Jean Shepard 
Words and music by Jerry Jerico and Kenneth Grant 
C You said you'd forget her, you tried I sup-{F} pose 
But you sent her an C Orchid, you sent me a G7 Rose 
I'm plain as the C sunshine, she wears fancy F clothes 
So you sent her an C Orchid, G7 you sent me a C Rose. 
The F thing that really breaks my heart, is C finding out you lied 
If F you'd been honest at the start, I C would have stepped a-{G7} side 
You think it's a C secret, but ever'one F knows 
That you sent her an C Orchid, G7 you sent me a C Rose. 
It F wasn't bad enough to cheat and C run around on me 
You F had to go and add the insult C to the injur-{G7} y 
Go buy her some C diamonds, for her fancy F clothes 
Then send her an C Orchid and G7 give her this C Rose. 


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