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Remembrance Day Teclado

Jay Malinowski



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Remembrance Day


D                          G 
The night time claims the day 
D                          A     
Shadows grow long where I live 
D                       G                    D 
I watched the sunlight dance off my water's leaves 
      A        D 
Fall down in vain 
I had you on my mind 
D                      A 
I think I see you sometimes 
D                             G  
I smile when I think of that Betsy dress 
          D         A         D  
And that night when we were a mess 

D    G 
So fade 
D           A 
Fade, fade away 
D                     G  
I'm gonna watch you fade away 
D       A        D 
Into remembrance day 

I saw you standing there 
Unraveling in the autumn air 
You're gonna ask if I'm dating again 
and I'll ask if you write much these days 
And you still laugh the same 
and we still laugh without shame 
but in between words, the silence ensues 
and I know, I'm losing you 

So fade 
Fade, fade away 
I'm gonna watch you fade away 
Into remembrance day 

If this is the last time we'll meet 
And it's strange how I'll never see 
Your life's familiar mystery that once unfolded for me 

So fade 
Fade, fade away 
I'm gonna watch you fade away 
Into remembrance day 
Into remembrance day 
Into remembrance day 

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