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Something I Dreamed Teclado

Jason Allen

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Something I Dreamed

	  E                       B7 
Forgive me, if I'm pesimistic today 
                                  A        E 
But I've seen a view of our love slipping away 
I have no special reason for feeling this way 
       B7                         E 
So it must have been something I dreamed 
A E B7 E Darlin hold me close and chase away the ghosts that torture me so A E B7 Kiss away my doubts until my poor heart shouts that you'll never go E B7 This feelings not your're fault, you're sweet as can be A E I have faith in you, I just lack faith in me A E I'm afraid that I'll lose you, then where would I be B7 E Please let it be something I dreamed
Your words lack conviction, or do you suppose I love you too much, and I listen too close I know I'm too jealous, and sometimes it shows So it must have been something I dreamed CHORUS Please let it be something I dreamed

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