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Miracles Teclado

Jared Anderson



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G I believe I believe in miracles Em7 I believe, I believe in miracles D C G You can come move in me with miracles
verse 1: G Gsus G With these hands you can heal a blind man C D G With this voice you can calm the seas Em7 C With these feet you can walk on water C D G You can do anything you please verse 2: G Gsus G With one prayer fire fell from heaven C D G At your name the demons flee Em7 C You have closed the mouths of lions C D G You can do anything you please Bridge: Em D7/F# My eyes are opening, my heart is coming awake G Am7 I can't deny anymore, my doubt is washing away Em7 D7/F# G On Christ the rock I will stand and in your word I believe Am7 C That every promise you keep and those who ask receive

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