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High Cost Of Living Teclado

Jamey Johnson



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High Cost Of Living

	  jamey johnson-high cost of living  

Capo on 3  

I was just a normal guy.  

Life was just a nine to five.  

A                                       E  
With bills and pressure piled up to the sky.  

She never asked, she knew I'd been,  

hangin' with my wilder friends.  

E                          A  
looking for another way to fly.  
Three days straight was no big feat 
to Get by on no food or drink 
    D                          Bm  
And crazy, was becoming my new norm.  

I'd pass out on the bedroom floor.  

    E                                       A  
And sleep right through the calm before the storm.  

D My life was just an old routine. E A G D Everyday the same damn thing, I couldn't even tell I was alive. A I tell you. The high cost of living, E A ain't nothin' like the cost of living high.
A That southern baptist parking lot. A Was where I'd go and smoke my pot. A E Sit there in my pick-up truck and pray. E And stareing at that giant cross. E Just reminded me that I was lost. E A And it just never seemed to point the way. A As soon as Jesus turned his back. A I'd find my way across the tracks. D Bm Lookin' just to score another deal. A With my back against that damn eight ball. E A I didn't have to think or talk or feel. (Chorus...) A My whole life went through my head. A Laying in that hotel bed. A E Watchin' as the cops kicked in the door. E I had a job and a piece of land. E And my sweet wife, was my best friend. E A But I traded that for cocaine and a whore. A With my new found sobriety. A I've got the time to sit and think. D Bm Of all the things I had, and threw away. A This prison is much colder than that, E A one that I was locked up in just yesterday.

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