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Sparrow And The Wolf Teclado

James Vincent Mcmorrow



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Sparrow And The Wolf


sparrow and wolf lay as still as the blades of the grass 
Am                          F                          C 
like worn leather boots, of colour and size that would last 

caught them a lark in a trap, and each held a wing 
          Am            F                             C 
then they tore it apart, before that small bird could sing 

confused by the wind, bruised by the size of the rain 
    Am               F                       C 
she turned in to him, begged for the light to remain 
but plans have been made, all the furniture sold 
    Am                F                              C 
so store up your hate, use it for warmth when you're cold 

F for I have seen no joy, only danger, C I see no joy, only strangers, G F I see no joy, see no joy in this world F should you, choose to go, please be careful of, C lonesome roads, men who travel them, G F will not know, will not know of your ways
F oh-oo-oh Dm oh-oo-oh F oh-oo-oh Dm F oh-oo-oh G C Am F
F still I have, seen no joy, only dangers, I C see no joy, only strangers, I G F see no joy, see no joy in this world, you should choose to go, please remember what C you have learned, from the little bird, G F always dear, always dear to my heart

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