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Valley Of The Low Sun Teclado

Jakob Dylan



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Valley Of The Low Sun

We'd feel much better if we sunk this treasure 
    Am             G 
And laid our armor down 
These precious metals and these captain's letters 
C                     G 
They are no use to us now 
In the day we struggle with fatigue much greater 
     Am        G 
Than any offer was 
We bow down and worship these bandits and cowboys 
C                        G 
Unable to hold their own guns 
I know that soldiers are not paid to think 
    C            G         F 
But something is making us sick 
Onward and steady 
Able and young 
       F             G        C 
In the valley of the low, low sun 

In the shade we wander along a highway's shoulder 
Into the back of beyond 
Burning the daylight into a pastime 
That's too wise to come more than once 
It's boom boom thunder ain't no sleep coming 
Out mining a slippery world 
Of snow covered beaches and junkyards of diesel 
And bombers named after girls 
On bridges of black ice not built for the rush 
There's a new kind of beast getting up 
That's stranger than fiction 
Speaking in tongue 
In the valley of the low, low sun 

C               Em 
Hold on for the slow turning 
F                           G 
Smoke if you've got 'em boys 
This is bottom hiding out 
Down under the stairs 
Tomorrow has come 
Like it's drunk on the blood 
       Am                       F 
Of the men who have dared to be there 

(C G F C G) 

The earth's still climbing as it keeps on grinding 
Its way up around the sun 
As cool water crashes down to the masses 
Bootlegged and bottled like rum 
My dreams are humble, lean as arrows 
Streetwise, ready, and fair 
As we bum rush the ages tied to the rails 
On high seas not fit to be sailed 
Whatever we've taken does feel like heaven 
But baby, we just look like hell 
Act like you mean it where paradise was 
In the valley of the low, low sun 
Act like you mean it where paradise was 
In the valley of the low, low sun 

(C F G) 

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