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No Matter What Teclado

Jakob Dylan



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No Matter What


Intro: (C  G  Am  Em  F   G  F   C) 

verse 1: 

C       G        Am     Em 
Went to the arms of the unknown 
F       G         F        C 
Went to the places we never go 
C      G            Am               Em 
By walking through deep snow down forgotten roads 
   F                    G            F     C 
Been chasin' a light that comes and goes 

C G Am G No matter what F There is a new day G Am G On it's way C G C F And no matter what F G There is more love F C To be made
Verse 2: A line of white roses coming up in the yard A black satin skyline filling with stars It's still not that easy, hearing your name I will not pretend for anyone anything?s the same (Chorus) Bridge: Am F There are dreams I keep secret Am F Where I go barefoot through gauntlets Am F Going back for this old love E D I will risk my neck time and time again Interlude: C G Am G C G F G C Verse 3: Now be at ease we?re not leaving, we are fearful what comes There is grâce in the madness when all seasons come at once Now we are safe in the arms of the unknown We just need to remind you that the brave can carry on Chorus (2x)

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