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White christmas Teclado

Irving Berlin



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White christmas

    Am     D7           G                                               
The sun is shining, the grass is green 
    D7         C    D7    G                                              
The orange and palm trees sway 
 Am                D7     Bm     Em                                      
There's never been such a day   
   Am       D7        G                                                
In Beverley Hills, L. A. 
Cm             D7         C    D7 G                                     
.. But it's De-cember the twen-ty-fourth 
Em          F#7        E  F#7 Bm    Am  C  D7                                        
.. And I am longing to be up north  
G                 Am    D                                            
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas  
C                    D7      G                                       
just like the ones I used to know  
          G                     C        Cm                         
Where the tree tops glisten and children listen 
   G    Am                       D7                                        
To hear sleigh bells in the snow  
G                 Am    D                                            
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas  
C                    D7     G                                        
with every Christmas card I write 
                           C     Cm                                 
May your days be merry and bright 
        G   Em   C         D7    G    Am   D7                                  
And may all your Christmas-es be white 
REPEAT, then finish with: 
        G   Em   C         D7    G                                      
And may all your Christmas-es be white 
Irving Berlin, 

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