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Nina Teclado

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Intro: E - D - A - E  all the way through the song 

E                       D 
Who's that knock knock knockin' on the warehouse door? 
Who's that walkin' cross the warehouse floor? 
I think it might be Nina. 

Who can help us when we're not sure what to do? 
Who's the one who helps thinks things through? 
I think it must be Nina. 

E N-I-N-A (na na na) D Nina is the neighbor with the smiling face. (na na na) A N-I-N-A (na na na) E Could be a customer, or it might be.... E N-I-N-A (na na na) D I really hope that Nina comes over today. (na na na) A N-I-N-A (na na na) E When we're together we're all smiling happy
Well we like your style and we like your laugh. You're the best neighbor that we ever had. Nina Nina Nina, won't ya come on over today? And if you feel like tossin' round some good ideas, You're always gonna find yourself a place right here. Nina Nina Nina, won't you come on over today? Chorus (2x)

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