Hootie and the Blowfish

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Honeyscrew Teclado

Hootie and the Blowfish

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              Intro: A  D/A  G  A
                     A  D/A  G  D 
                     A  D/A  G  A

              A       D/A
              Fly inside
              G          D
              Feel me dealing
              A         D/A     G          A
              Holding on to a story just told
                 D/A                G              D
              About a man who's the life of a funeral
              A         D/A         G           A
              Grabbing on to a woman whos soul
              A         D/A          G                 D
              He just stole for a dream he dont believe in  
	      A           D/A        G           A
              Now she sits and she yells for a smile
	      A           D/A        G          D
              "Dont let the sun make me feel lonely"
              A           D/A          G5
              Oh let me in let me in let me in
              A  D9   E     D9
                      Is it me
	      A  D9   E     D9
                      Or is it honey

              (same as first verse)
              We all seem to hold
              To Something we dont see
              Is He here
              Is He there
              Where does He live
              Some people say in the pull of a heartbeat
              Some people say in the mind of a stranger
              I cant explain what it is I believe in
              So take your heart take your mind and escape

              Is it me
              Or is it honey
              Is it me
              Or is it honey
              (mute strings)
              C       G          A5        
              Is it me trying to raise your little children
              C       G          A5
              Is it me trying to take your little flame
              C       G          A5
              Why are you trying to steal my judgement day away
              C             G        E7
              Let me scream let me scream let me scream
              A      D/A    G    D
              (solo)             Don't take it away

              (same as first verse)
              Another day in the arms of the real thing
              Another day in the eyes of a fool
              I called today just to make me feel hopeless
              Lie to me and I'll try to believe

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