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Have Your Way

(John Larson)

Intro: G 

verse 1: 
G                  C 
You are good, Your mercies last a lifetime 
You're the perfect Son of God 
G                 C 
In Your eyes, the precious love of heaven 
It sends life into my soul 
G              C 
I am Yours and all that's in me is singing 

D Come and have Your way, G C D Have Your way, have Your way, have Your way
verse 2: G C You're my song, Your ways are strength to me D How I long to please Your heart G C I am Yours and all that's in me is singing Bridge: C D Wherever You lead me, I'll go G C I want to heed Your voice C D Whatever You speak I'll follow G C I want to know You more ("and more" 2nd time)

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