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Aint no way to treat a lady Teclado

Helen Reddy



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Aint no way to treat a lady

	  C                C/B            Am7         Dm7  G7  
I guess it was yourself you were involved with; 
C             C7          F    Bb9 
I would have sworn it was me. 
  C                     C/B 
I might have found out sooner if 
      Am          Am7/G           F 
You'd only let me close enough to see. 
Dm7           G7              CM7 
That ain't no way to treat a lady, 
   Am                Dm7        G7           C     C/B  Am7  Am7/G 
No way to treat your baby, your woman, your friend; 
Dm7           G7              CM7     Am 
That ain't no way to treat a lady, no way -- 
    Dm7          G7             C 
But maybe it's a way for us to end. 
C          C/B        Am7     Dm7  G7 
I was only bein' a picture 
C             C7       F    Bb9 
With all the colors I know, 
      C             C/B 
While you were busy looking into  
Am        Am7/G        F 
Wide blue mirrors and lovin' the show. 
Repeat Refrain: 
           Am            Am+7       Am7         D9 
There's a funny kind of consolation keepin' me sane, 
        G               G/F#               C          Cm 
And I'd really like to share it; crawl on deep in my brain. 
               G             G/F#    Em            B+ 
You see, the time you never felt me lovin' you or needin' you 
   C           Am       D           Am7  D               G    Am7 G/B 
So leavin' you now you still won't know how to feel the pain 
C            C/B         Am7     Dm7  G7 
I was lookin' out for my happiness 
C                C7       F    Bb9 
While you were looking within 
       C                 C/B 
And before you know your own reflection 
Am                    Am7/G           F 
Always starts to tire you and it's happened again 
Repeat Refrain: 

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