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Squaws Along The Yukon Teclado

Hank Thompson

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Squaws Along The Yukon

	  C There's a Salmon-colored girl who F sets my heart awhirl 
Who G7 lives along the Yukon far a-{C} way 
Where the Northern Lights, they shine, C she rubs her nose to mine 
She G7 cuddles close and I can hear her C say. 
{*OOGA-OOGA MOOSKA}, which C means that I love you  
If G7 you'll be my baby, I'll {*OOGA-OOGA MOOSKA} G7 you 
Then I take her hand in mine and C set her on my knee 
The G7 Squaws along the Yukon are good enough for C me. 
She makes her underwear from hides of Grizzly bear 
And bathes in ice cold water every day 
Her skin, I love to touch, but I just can't touch it much 
Because her fur-lined Parkas' in the way. 
She's got the Air Corps down, the Sourdoughs hang around 
{*Chechakos} try to date her night and day 
With a landing gear that's fine and a fusilage divine 
And a smile that you can see a mile away. 
TAG:  Carry me back to old Alaska 
      The Squaws Along The Yukon are good enough for me. 

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