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New Rovin' Gambler Teclado

Hank Thompson

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New Rovin' Gambler

D I am a rovin' gambler, I've gambled all around 
Where-{G} ver I meet with a D deck of cards 
I G lay my money D down 
(I Lay my money down; A Lay my money D down.) 
I had not been in 'Frisco, many more weeks than three 
'Til I fell in love with a pretty little girl 
She fell in love with me 
(Fell in love with me; Fell in love with me.) 
She took me in her parlor, she cooled me with a fan 
She whispered low in her mother's ear 
"I love this gamblin' man." 
("Love this gamblin' man."; "Love this gamblin' man.") 
"Oh! daughter, Oh! dear daughter, how could you treat me so? 
And leave your dear old mother 
And with a gambler go?" 
("With a gambler go?"; "With a gambler go?") 
"Oh mother, Oh dear mother, you know I love you well 
But the love I have for this gamblin' man 
"No human tongue can tell." 
("No human tongue can tell."; "No human tongue can tell.") 
I left that gal in 'Frisco, and I wound up in Maine 
I met up with a gamblin' man 
We got in a poker game 
(Got in a poker game; Got in a poker game.) 
He put his money in the pot and dealt the cards around 
I saw him deal from the bottom of the deck 
So I shot that gambler down 
(Shot that gambler down; Shot that gambler down.) 
Well, now I'm down in prison, I got a number for my name 
The warden said as he locked the door 
You've gambled your last game 
(Gambled your last game; Gambled your last game.) 

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