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You Pass Me By Teclado

Hank Snow

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You Pass Me By

	  Words and music by Hank Snow and Eddie Nesbitt 
Submitted by Paul Enockson 
You Pass Me By 
                     C                                 C7             F 
You Pass Me By, and you don't even stop to say hello 
G7                                                       C 
Don't know why--- I've learned to love you so.  Each night it seams 
                              C7                F                       G7 
I hear you say your love will never die, I wake from dreams, 
You Pass Me By. 
          C7       F                                 C 
When you are lonely, some day you'll learn 
        D7                                             G            D7 
Just what it means to live in dreams of love that's unreturned. 
G7          C                                          C7 
A love so sweet,  that vanished with the sunshine in the sky, 
                     G7                         C 
Each time we meet, You Pass Me By. 
                     C                                 C7 
You Pass Me By, and now I know my hopes are all in vain 
G7                                                     C 
Here I am on memory lane.  I hope and pray 
                  C7                                F                     G7 
the one you love will never make you cry --- then turn away 
and pass you by. 
   C7          F                               C 
I keep your memory locked in my heart, 
      D7                                        G       D7           G 
For ever there to help me bear the lonely tears that start. 
   G7            C                                  C7                F 
I might have known our love was only meant to be a lie, 
                     G7                         C 
Oh heart of stone, You Pass Me By. 
Enjoy! Paul 

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